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Medium Well

Aug 7, 2019

Today’s episode is so packed with useful information about our health and wellbeing! I chatted with Victoria Albina, Functional Medicine Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator, all about ways to heal. Victoria was my functional medicine practitioner in NYC, and it’s been fascinating watching her evolve her practice from externally-focused to internally-focused, helping her clients to be their own healer, which we discuss at length in this episode.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Victoria’s health journey and how it led to where she is now

  • Why Victoria decided to become a Nurse Practitioner

  • How she learned about herbs and nutrition

  • How Victoria’s practice is evolving from external to internal-focused, shifting the power to the patient

  • How she is moving towards a more feminist healing framework in her practice

  • What are energy leaks and how do they affect us?

  • How symptoms are a way of your body telling you something helpful

  • How Victoria balances science and softer practices

  • What the vagus nerve is, and what polyvagal theory is, and why they are so important

  • Victoria’s personal practice

  • How to balance intuitive eating and therapeutic nutrition

  • Victoria’s tips for managing stress

  • What is breathwork? How it works and what her routine looks like with it.

  • Victoria’s advice for connecting inwards to know what your body actually needs so you can self-heal

Mentioned in this episode:

All the deets:

  • Tag me (@saraweinreb) and Victoria on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode— we’d love to hear them!