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Medium Well

Sep 2, 2020

We’re back with more episodes! I am so honored to speak with Leah Thomas and Sabs Katz, founder and co-founder respectively of Intersectional Environmentalist, in today’s episode. We chat about several topics regarding how being an advocate for the environment must be in tandem with doing anti-racism work, how sustainability has been commoditized, and more. This is such an important episode, and I hope you learn from it as much as I did when recording!

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Leah and Sabs got into environmentalism

  • Why Leah and Sabs focus on environmentalism over sustainability

  • How we need to move past zero waste and “mason jar” sustainability

  • How to be more intersectional in your environmentalism and ask harder questions

  • How to call out and call in individuals

  • Why Leah chooses compassion over shaming

  • The challenges of “Columbusing”— people reclaiming things that BIPOC or other cultures have been doing for awhile

  • Cultural appropriation and its impacts on the environmentalism movement

  • The future of Intersectional Environmentalist

  • And more!

Mentioned in this episode

All the deets:

  • Tag me (@saraweinreb) and IE, Leah, and Sabs on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode— we’d love to hear them!