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Medium Well

Oct 2, 2019

Like many of us, I have had a long and winding health journey, consisting of several chronic conditions. In this episode, I share my health story including being diagnosed with chronic migraines at age 13, and my nearly 3-year journey to get a cancer diagnosis. I also share my tips for navigating your own health journey, if you or someone you love is going through it (though I hope that’s not the case!).

In this episode, I discuss:

  • My chronic migraine diagnosis at age 13

  • How I struggled with chronic pelvic pain

  • My nearly 3-year journey to receive a cancer diagnosis

  • What I believe my cancer diagnosis taught me

  • My advice for navigating your own health journey

  • The importance of being your own advocate

  • Trusting your gut in your health journey

  • How to use downtime for treatments, driving to doctors, and more

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Heal your headache by Dr. David Buchholz (the migraine elimination diet that radically helped me!)

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All the deets:

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