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Medium Well

Sep 25, 2019

Okay, I know this might be a bit controversial. And I am a big advocate for reducing waste, of course. The problem is, I think the way zero waste is presented doesn’t present or allow for the complexity of the situation. We are often pigeon-holed into picking the “non-plastic” item in order to keep up with what’s presented as best for the planet, but there are so many other considerations at stake. In this episode, I break down my thoughts on the matter.

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why I think the zero waste movement is important but also reductionistic

  • Other things we can do to be eco-friendly

  • The complexity of the environmental crisis

  • The different factors I consider when making a purchase

  • How we produce waste, even if we don’t see it

  • Why I don’t believe in the “mason jar” approach to documenting your trash

  • Why we need a lot of people trying to do their best, not intimidated by the zero-waste movement

  • How to avoid eco-anxiety

Mentioned in this episode:

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