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Medium Well

Aug 28, 2019

Today’s episode is the first in my new solo series! Today I am teaching the fundamental principles and steps in the design thinking process, a creative problem-solving methodology that puts user empathy at the center point of your offerings. This way you are designing for your market and making it inherently desirable, not creating something and then convincing your market that they need it! I have taught and used this tool for 7 years now, and I can say confidently it will change the way you do business. You can skip to 6:40 if you want to bypass the part where I talk about the solo series and why I am launching it!

In this episode, I discuss:

  • Why I am launching a solo series

  • What is design thinking? And why is it useful? (Starts at 6:40)

  • The roles of desirability, feasibility, and viability

  • What user empathy is and why it’s fundamental to your business

  • The three phases of design thinking: inspiration, ideation, implementation

  • What happens in each phase of design thinking

  • Examples of design thinking and how I have used it in my business

Mentioned in this episode:

All the deets:

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  • Tag me (@saraweinreb) on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode and how you will use design thinking in your work.

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