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Medium Well

Aug 14, 2019

You’re in for a treat with today’s episode, where I chat with the lovely Erin Lovell Verinder. Erin is an Herbalist, Nutritionist, Energetic Healer, and Author, and she is one of the most comforting people to talk to! Her knowledge of plant-based living and medicine is deep, and in this conversation we explored her background in herbalism, how to connect to the energy of nature and plants, gut health, being more present, healing yourself from burnout, and much more.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Erin’s perspective on herbalism— combining science and tradition

  • How to tap into the energy of plants

  • The easiest ways to start taking herbs

  • Why local herbs are more powerful

  • What herbal infusions are and how to get started with them

  • How to truly tap into the power of herbs

  • Erin’s advice for using muscle testing to get to know your body

  • How to connect to nature and why it’s so powerful

  • Being more present in a digital age

  • Erin’s thoughts on disconnecting and creating digital boundaries, including her nighttime routing

  • Erin’s recent experience with burnout and how she approached healing

  • Her advice for healing and preventing burnout

  • How to create space for your wellbeing in your schedule if you are super busy

  • Erin’s tips for gut health

  • How her business has evolved with the changing times

  • The trends Erin sees in her work

  • Erin’s advice for aspiring herbalists

  • How to find your authentic voice - how to unblock and unlock

  • Erin’s recent plant safari when shooting photography for her upcoming book

All the deets:

  • Learn more about Erin and her work, and book a session with her, on her website,

  • Follow Erin on Instagram at @erinlovellverinder (check out her story highlights for info on herbal infusions and muscle testing, as discussed!)

  • Tag me (@saraweinreb) and Erin on Instagram with your favorite takeaways from the episode— we’d love to hear them!